In these days, the average temperature is increasing due to the influence of the global warming. In order to stabilize the concrete quality, the improvement of concrete control in a hot weather is required more than before.

When “Farm Barrier” or “Farm Barrier Tio” is applied on the concrete mixer truck, the temperature rise of the raw concrete during transport can be reduced.

Please use this product for concrete control in the hot season.


  • Temperature rise of the raw concrete can be suppressed just by painting.
  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting effects
  • NETIS-registered new technology product
    New Technology Utilization System of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Stickers indicating the heat insulation specification are provided.
    The stickers are provided to concrete mixer trucks that Farm Barrier is applied.
    (Two stickers are provided for one set. Please note that presentation of the automobile inspection certificate is requested for the management.)

Paint with a purpose of preventing the temperature rise of raw concrete during transport by applying on the concrete mixer drum.

Farm Barrier is a new technology product that is registered to NETIS of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in July 2012. Concrete mixer trucks with Farm Barrier applied are differentiated by attaching the sticker with a NETIS registration number.

Farm Barrier catalogue (PDF)


Paint material

Farm Barrier Tio or Farm Barrier 16 kg set (Part A: 14kg, Part B: 2kg)
[Mixing ratio: 7:1]
Farm Barrier Heat Insulation Primer W 16 kg set (Part A: 14.4kg, Part B: 1.6kg)
[Mixing ratio: 9:1]
Farm Barrier Thinner: 16L

Farm Barrier Tio Catalogue (PDF)

Heat insulation paint application procedure on raw concrete mixer trucks


Rinse with water, thoroughly dry, and remove the sticker.


Polish the surface and cure the sections, where the paint is not applied.


Apply the primer.


Check that the primer is dry and apply Farm Barrier.


Apply Farm Barrier for the second and the third times by avoiding unevenness.


Complete. Clear finishing process is also available. Please consult separately.

Temperature comparison test

In the validation tests conducted in the joint research with Department of Engineering, University of Miyazaki, the temperature and property comparison tests were carried out using concrete mixer trucks with Farm Barrier applied, and the effect of the heat insulation paint has been confirmed.

zoom Raw concrete temperature and
property comparison test

zoom Joint research meeting

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